1. Resident hereby purchases the Outdoor Grow Hut (8ft. x 8ft.) for 6 plants or (8ft. x 12ft) for 12 plants with assembly and growing soils or Resident purchases the Outdoor Grow Hut Kit alone without assembly or soil as set forth in the shopping cart of the vendor’s website.
  2. Arizona law permits a Resident to cultivate and process up to six high value plants for personal use at an individual’s primary residence and up to twelve plants where two 21 year old adults reside. Resident desires to take advantage of that law and will comply with that law and all other applicable laws.
  3. Company warrants the Outdoor Grow Hut for one year from delivery against defects in materials and workmanship.
  4. The Outdoor Grow Hut will be located at the Residence at the location designated by Resident. The Outdoor Grow Hut must be located in a secure area not visible by the public, near a water source on level ground at the Residence and in such way so as to get maximum sunshine to the plants. Resident must supply a hose that can reach the Outdoor Grow Hut from a water source. It should not be located under a tree, porch or overhang, wall, or other shaded areas. Nor should it be located within a drainage area, easement or any other area where there is an obstruction. The Resident shall be responsible for the placement and location of the Outdoor Grow Hut on the property and shall designate and mark the South East and North East Corners of the Outdoor Grow Hut prior to placement.
  5. Resident is responsible for obtaining all building permits and Home Owners Association approvals, if required. Resident shall hold harmless and indemnify Company for all costs and expenses relating to Resident’s failure to obtain such permits and approvals and Resident’s cultivation and use of high value plants.
  6. Resident is responsible for watering, care and cultivation of all plants in the Outdoor Grow Hut and must do so on a regular basis to make sure the soil is moist and the plant is growing properly with good sun exposure, free from pests and critters.
  7. If Resident engages Company for a Service Agreement, Company will provide care and cultivation of all plants in the Outdoor Grow Hut. Under Company’s Service Agreement, if any of the seeds do not germinate or any plant turns out to be a male plant, the Company will provide and plant a feminized auto flower replacement seed.
  8. All claims arising out of this Agreement against the Company, its manager, members or agents regarding the installation and use of the Outdoor Grow Hut, the Soils and the Service Agreement must be brought within one year of the date of delivery or be forever barred with Company’s maximum liability being the Purchase Price. All claims shall be subject to arbitration in accordance with AAA arbitration rules each party to bear its own attorneys’ fees and costs.


  1. Outdoor Grow Hut
  2. Twenty (20) gallon grow pots for each plant
  3. Bags of Proprietary Premium Organic Super Soil for each grow pot
  4. A third party will provide Resident seeds for the Outdoor Grow Hut at a ten (10) dollar credit per seed as
    part of Purchase Price.
  5. Outdoor Grow Hut (Standard Materials & Labor)
    a. Treated Hardie cedarmill cement tough board for protection and stability
    b. Custom cut treated (painted) wood to be weather and termite proof
    c. Custom treated design panels with treated plywood
    d. Drip system ¼” connection tubing with plant separations
    e. Shade mesh for plant sunlight exposure
    f. Dechlorineator to clean water before reaching plant
    g. Timer to assist with watering times for plans
    h. Drip System Useable with Resident’s garden hose
    i. Secure standard swing door with butt hinges for door
    j. Six foot height, open top
    k. J-hook anchors
    l. Locking mechanism with combination lock for door
    m. Plastic pots or fabric pots depending on the Outdoor Grow Hut Kit purchased
    n. Assembly of Outdoor Grow Hut on site
    o. Planting of seeds at Outdoor Grow Hut on site
  6. Accessories such as removable roof, garden hoses to source water, and other items that Resident may
    require be purchased by Resident as needed for additional amounts.
  7. If the purchase is only for the Grow Hut Kit, no soil or assembly or planting is included (items 3, 5(n) and
    5(o) are not included in the purchase.)


  1. Resident has purchased the Outdoor Grow Hut from the Company for growing and gardening various
    plants in the Outdoor Grow Hut at the his/her Residence.
  2. By making initial deposit for a Outdoor Grow Hut under this Agreement, Resident hereby certifies that:
    (a) the above address is her/his primary Residence; (b) Resident is at least 21 years old; (c) one adult lives at
    the Residence; (d) The high value plants grown in the Outdoor Grow Hut are for personal use only; (e)
    resident shall indemnify and hold harmless the Company its manager, members, and agents from and
    against all claims including costs, expenses and attorney’s fees relating to and/or arising out of Resident’s
    breach of this Certification; (f) That not more than twelve (12) plants will be cultivated in the Outdoor Grow
    Hut; and (g) Resident shall comply with all laws relating to the cultivation, processing and use of the
    high value plants.
  3. By placing this order you have agreed to the above terms and conditions.

M HOME GARDENS LLC Terms and Conditions V 031821